Introducing Global Ag Network's newest intern: Ashtyn Carr

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This summer Ashtyn Carr, Senior at Texas Tech University, is joining the Global Ag Network family!


Global Ag Network is excited to offer another college student a chance to work with the network and help our business grow and flourish. Ashtyn is joining the team and will be helping with all the network podcasts, focusing quite a bit of her time on learning to host with Ag News Daily. Ashtyn is also a photographer and will be helping Global Ag Network grow our visual footprint; her portfolio can be found here. Find out more about this summer's intern, Ashtyn Carr.

University: Texas Tech University

Major: Agricultural Communications

Year in School: Senior

Hometown: Prosper, TX

Tell us about your family/farming background: My dad put a pig whip in my hand as soon as I learned how to walk. I started exhibiting commercial swine when I was four years old. My dad and I would spend countless hours in the barn together. When I was in the sixth grade, I started showing cattle. In high school, my stepmom was my agriculture science teacher and FFA advisor. So, my family was very involved within the industry in a variety of ways.

What do you love about agriculture?: It’s the people that make this industry so great. Being able to connect with people through my passion for agriculture brings me joy. I’m proud to be apart of a community of agriculturists, leaders, innovators, and professionals.

Favorite sector to learn/discuss in agriculture: With my background being in animal agriculture, I love to talk about production. Though I am not as experienced in crop production as I am in animal production, I love to keep up with new advances within the production sector.

What are you most looking forward to this summer as the Ag News Daily/Global Ag Network Intern?

I’m excited to get exposure with industry leaders and grow as a communicator. Podcasts are an interest of mine. So, I’m excited to see how the agriculture industry implements this technology.

What made you decide to intern for AND/GAN?

I wanted to have a unique opportunity. Unlike the average internship, working with AND/GAN provides me the chance to work with industry leaders and connection with them on a daily basis. Likewise, I wanted to get more experience working on podcasts.

What else should our listeners know about you?

Other than working in the barn and writing about my favorite things in Lubbock, I enjoy spending my time with my six sisters, teaching children’s gymnastics, watching reality tv with my roommates, and traveling anywhere my Chevy Silverado can take me.


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