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ASoM focuses on mental health and how it affects those of us involved in agriculture. I will hold conversations with both professionals and producers about addressing mental health in ag and how we can adequately remedy the stresses.

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Today is a very powerful episode of Ag State of Mind. We talk to Maddie Caldwell who is a farm girl from Elmwood, Illinois. We chat with Maddie today about her battle with her mental health. In 2019, Maddie made an attempt on her life. She recovered from that, only to make another attempt in 2020. Thankfully, Maddie was resilient through her moments of mental weakness and survived both incidents. She realized that she had a story to tell to help others like herself who seem to have idyllic lives but still suffer in silence. Maddie's story resonated with me so much because I too feel like I have an idyllic life but still struggle mightily at times with anxiety. It's stories like Maddie's that inspire me to be open about my own mental health journey. Like Maddie says, it is in NO WAY for personal gain. It's to help others who are silent and seemingly alone in their struggles feel heard and seen. To reach out to Maddie, her phone number (with her permission of course) is 309-253-7142. Today's episode is brought to you by Magnetic Ag

Today is a solo episode to give my editor, my 17 year old son Levi, an Easter break from work. Several years ago, I was introduced to a book by Dr Robert Glover called No More Mr Nice Guy. That book changed my life. It helped me to be more assertive in my relationships. Recently, I have found myself applying the principles within that book to my presence online. I no longer want to hold back the truth for the sake of being liked. "In order to think, you have to risk being offensive." - Dr. Jordan Peterson Today's episode is brought to you by Kubota. Visit them at

Jaden Maze is a high school student from Indiana. She is doing so many remarkable things in regards to mental health in agriculture. Jaden and I were connected by our mutual friend Michele Payn and I am so thankful for the connection. As you can tell from this interivew, Jaden is ahead of the curve in talking about mental health in ag. She has a very bright future and I can't wait to see what it has in store for her. Reach out to Jaden at .Todays episode brought to you by

Welcome to April 2022's installment of the Ranching Side Hustle Podcast. Today, Tyler and I welcome friend Bobby Lee Hanks. Bobby Lee, like Tyler and I, has a "town job" by day. He is a small animal veterinarian in a community 45 minutes outside of Memphis, Tennessee. But when he isn't tending to people's pets, he runs Hurricane Creek Farms. HCF is a grazing operation incorporating Cow/calf, stocker, and finished cattle operations. We talk to Bobby Lee about the challenges of running a ranching side-hustle in a place where cattle are not prevalent... a challenge I myself have never experienced living in the Ozarks. We also talk about the integral part our families, namely our wives, play in our operations. Find Bobby Lee on YouTube at up for our newsletter at

Today we talk to Ashley Messing-Kennedy who is dairy farmer with her family in Bad Axe, Michigan. We talk today about her journey with her mental health, namely ADHD. We talk about breaking the stigma associated with medications. We also talk about the importance of starting the mental health conversation with our children and in their schools. Find Ashley online at up for our newsletter at

Today’s podcast is brought to you by Douglas Plant Health. To unharness your soil’s fertility and to maximize yield, consider Douglas Plant Health. Visit . Today's episode features the return of our friend Michele Payn. Michele was our guest way back on Episode 6 . Today, we talk about Michele's project of Agriculture's Growth Calendar, a resource that is an easy way to give ag connected folks weekly tips on being their best selves. Check out Michele online at To sign up for the Ag State of Mind email list, go to

Alright I know that the title of this podcast seems all over the place. Tyler and I actually had zero agenda going into this episode. We just started talking about our operations and how we schedule our feeding and grazing. It then it went into our mineral programs and how those have evolved. We finish the podcast by chatting about how important it is to have a spouse who is supportive of our ranching side hustles. How they do so many things for us so we can explore our passion. One of the biggest keys to a successful ranching side hustle is to first have a successful marriage. Sign up for my email list here

This episode is all over the place. We just returned from vacation and I realized we didn't have a podcast ready to go. So I sat down on Monday morning and recorded my thoughts post vacation. I talk a little bit about our time in Florida, how gratitude is a super power, and how applying the tenets of stoicism can help us calm our minds and not worry about things out of our control. We will be back next week with a regular episode. I hope you enjoy this peak into our lives this week.

I talk often about how my wife Keri is such an integral part of our podcast team. She helps so much behind the scenes with allowing me the space to operate this podcast. In October at FFA National Convention, she continued to help make this podcast what it is. She had a good conversation with today's guest Abby Heidenreich. Abby is an extension agent with Purdue University and she was at FFA with a booth for Purdue's Farm Stress project. Keri got her info and passed it along to me and a few months later we sat down and had a podcast conversation about what her and the entire team at Purdue are doing... and let me tell you I was SO impressed. Purdue is truly on the cutting edge of helping producers mitigate farm stress. To check out a little bit of what they are doing, go to

Today we finish up our conversation with Elaine Froese. I'm so thankful for Elaine's abilities as a speaker AND as a listener. She acted as my coach for most of this episode, guiding my thoughts and attitudes. Folks can get free gifts at . Mental Health First aid is at . The link for LARA Webinar on March 15 is . The link for Farming’s In Law Factor on March 26 is . Folks can book time for a discovery call after they go to my contact page.