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A weekly podcast with an aim to entertain its audience with an on-the-fly comedy and commentary style of production.

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About the Provider

Unique and edgy, The Dryline Farmer Podcast attacks the airwaves of agriculture and popular norms with a vivid delivery of unapologetic humor and a scathing commentary upon any issue we deem worthy of scorn.

Hosted by two Texas Panhandle farmers, Brent Carlson and Landon Noland, this podcast strives to stand out in the crowded landscape that is podcasting. From back and forth banter, to individual rants, to the frequent scripted and unscripted comedy sketches, and even occasional interviews with news-making personalities, this podcast will keep the listener laughing and gasping all at the same time.

If you learn something from an episode, well, that’s great, but we just hope we leave you with a laugh.


Brent Carlson

Brent Carlson owns and operates his farm and ranch acreage in the southwest Texas panhandle near Hereford. Brent, his wife Joanna, and their two boys Bradley and Mason feel very blessed to be living and working on the farm near their families.